About Virginia Technical Academy

Virginia Technical Academy has been established with one goal in mind: to train and prepare men and women in practical skills and knowledge to increase their worth in the appliance repair, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical workplace.

Our staff has been in the appliance repair, HVAC/R and electrical business for a combined 65+ years, in all phases including sales, installation, estimating, training and managing. It has become obvious to us that the need for qualified service technicians, as well as craftsman-like installers, is at an all-time high.


What is the difference between VTA and other technical schools?

Virginia Technical Academy is more than learning from a PowerPoint and memorizing notes to pass a few quizzes and tests. A VTA education is learning skills and putting knowledge into practice. Extensive lab work and hands-on instruction at VTA help to build the student’s confidence and sharpen skills and abilities to achieve a successful career.

Virginia Technical Academy believes in the principle of complete preparation. Not only do we provide the essential knowledge and skills but also the opportunity for personal and professional development. Those who emerge from our program have the tools for professional growth and the essential skills needed to advance and succeed in the Appliance Repair, HVAC and electrical field.

How We Accomplish These Goals

  • Virginia Technical Academy accepts only men/women who exhibit the enthusiasm and physical ability necessary to complete this rigorous course.

  • Virginia Technical Academy provides the best and most updated equipment available for instruction and uses it to meet the standards within the industry.

  • Virginia Technical Academy offers their entire course in one languages (English).

  • Students learn from videos, lab assignments, and instructors who have proven field records.

  • Intensive hands-on training is provided to allow students adequate time in the lab.

  • Instruction on all phases of employment, including job placement assistance, customer relations and employee/employer relations will be addressed during the students’ training.

Thanks very much for teaching the HVAC I class. You shared a wealth of field experience that drives home the important details about refrigeration systems and servicing. The labs are well-selected to give core skills training so that I am able to both understand and do the basic skills. It gave me the confidence to service my own HVAC system. It is well worth the investment for my son and I to take the training. I really appreciate your patience fielding questions from my 10th grader. I was skeptical at first but after the first lecture, I have no doubt your training curriculum will be an important part of his career development. I look forward to sending my son through your entire training series to complete his HVAC journeyman's training.
Patrick Quach

Reasons to Choose Virginia Technical Academy

  • Job opportunities and job placement through relationships with regional businesses.

  • Less cost than college programs.

  • Courses designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in the career of their choosing.

  • Requires less time to complete than programs at colleges.

  • Students learn customer service skills – incredibly valuable training NOT offered by other providers.

  • Continued support and networking with our instructors after graduation.


We are a Fully Accredited Trade School

Virginia Technical Academy is accredited by the Council of Higher Education and Approved By Department of Occupation Regulations, and Department of Labor Industries for Apprentice programs. All accreditation, approval, or licensing information for Virginia Technical Academy can be provided at your request at your convenience by requesting so directly with the administration office.