Appliance Repair 101 Course

This is a three day, 24-hour course designed to present a working foundation of the six standard household appliances: dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and ranges. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of both electrical schematics and wiring diagrams and how to utilize them in troubleshooting equipment.

Course Objectives
  • Demonstrate the proper use of electrical test equipment to measure the following:
    • AC & DC voltage
    • AC & DC current
    • Resistance
    • Insulation resistance to ground
    • Open, shorted, and grounded circuits
  • Identify the difference between wiring diagrams and electrical schematics
  • Identify symbols on wiring diagrams and electrical schematics
  • Identify common electrical / electronic components
  • State the principles of operation for the 6 standard household appliances
  • Troubleshoot 3 out of the 6 major appliances

In this course, you will learn to troubleshoot 3 out of 6 appliances below:

  • Dryer

  • Washing Machine

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

  • Microwave

  • Range


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