Building/Property Maintenance Level 1

Module 1 (OHSA10) OHSA (10 hours)
This OSHA 10-Hour Construction course covers a broad spectrum of valuable health and safety workplace topics that will familiarize you with OSHA Construction standards. These topics will include the OSHA Construction Focus Four, identifying common worksite hazards, tool operation and more.

Module 2 (027111-13) Wall Systems (28 hours)
Describes procedures for laying out and framing walls, including roughing-in door and window openings, constructing corners, partition Ts, and bracing walls. Includes the procedure to estimate the materials required to frame wall.

Module 3 (27109-13) Drywall Finishing (16 hours)
Describes the materials, tools and methods used to finish and patch gypsum drywall. A discussion of both automatic and manual taping and finishing tools is presented.

Module 4 (27208-13) Doors and Door Hardware (16 hours)
Describes the installation of metal doors and related hardware in steel-framed, wood-framed, and masonry walls, along with their related hardware, such as locksets and door closers. A discussion on the installation of wood doors, folding doors, and pocket doors is also presented.

Module 5 (AP-TC-100) Appliance Repair and Replacement (40 hours)
Demonstrate the proper use of electrical test equipment to measure the following: AC & DC voltage; AC &  DC current; Resistance; Insulation resistance to ground; Open, shorted, and grounded circuits.

Module 6 (02208-13) Installing Fixtures and Valves (24 hours)
Describes the installation  install basic plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, shower stalls, lavatories, sinks, water closets, and urinals; reviews the installation of associated valves, faucets, and components; and discusses how to connect appliances such as dishwashers, food-waste disposers, refrigerators, and ice makers, and washing machines.

Module 7 (00108-15) Basic Employability Skills (16 hours)
Introduces trainees to critical thinking and problem solving, skills. Reviews effective relationship skills, effective self-presentation, and key workplace issues such as sexual harassment, stress, and substance abuse. Also presents information on computer systems and their industry applications.


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