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CARES Scholarship Program for Virginia Technical Academy Students

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Virginia Technical Academy (VTA) was excited to partner with the City of Newport News’s CARES Scholarship Program, which began on September 21, 2020. The CARES program supplied scholarships for individuals living in Newport News, Virginia, who were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. VTA provided these individuals with a chance to obtain training in one of the following trades: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, or Facilities Maintenance. Our unique program, which emphasizes hands-on, performance-based training, ensures that our graduates are employment-ready when they finish their course of study.

In response to the pandemic, we implemented stringent cleaning procedures per the CDC and governor’s guidelines for safely bringing students into classrooms and labs for training. By strictly following these protocols, our students were allowed to continue working toward a brighter future. Through the CARES Program, we enrolled 81 students in the day and night classes, which are 8 to 12 weeks long, respectively.

Setting Our Students Up for Success in the Workforce

On November 18, 2020, VTA hosted the first of two job fairs for our students, and it was a resounding success: local companies hired 29 students out of 29 who attended! The second job fair, scheduled for December 19, 2020, had to be postponed due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. However, VTA is working virtually with 36 companies who are currently reviewing 52 resumes and hired 18 students with 34 pending interviews. We aim to achieve at least a 98% successful employment rate! In addition, under the CARES program, graduates of VTA are supplied with tool bags, safety glasses, and safety shoes to set them up for success in their new careers.

VTA appreciates the partnership with the following companies who are hiring our graduates: Signature Management, Ripley Heatwole Company, Legend Property Group, Riverside Health Systems, Patriots Colony, Boyd Homes, Master Mechanical LLC, Cox-Powell, East Coast Repair & Fabrication LLC, Bay Electric Co., The Franklin Johnston Group, Gault Electric, Stemmle Plumbing, ROTO ROOTER, TMAMGROUP, William & Mary, City of Newport News, Tommy Garner, Colonial Electric, GO Green Electric, Busch Gardens, Extreme Climates, Worley’s Home Services, Damuth Trane, Sheriff’s Department City of Newport News, Kings Creek Plantation, Harrison-Lear, Hidenwood Apts, PM CHECK REPAIR, Kingsridge Apts, LTD HOSPITALITY, Morgan Properties, SL NUSBAUM, Great Wolf Lodge, Plasser American, Advantage Heating & Cooling Inc, Riverside Remodeling, The Breeden Company, Autumn Care of Portsmouth, Sanair Clean, Bernards Plumbing, HRWDOOR, Bright Line Electric, Gillmann Serivces, Capriet Properties, Four C Construction, Trades International, TWI Group, Service Quick, Bennett Heating and Cooling, The Pembroke Lake  Apartment, and Gillmann Services.

Virginia Technical Academy looks forward to working with the City of Newport News in the future! Together, we can build a stronger workforce and a brighter future for our community!

Virginia Technical Academy is a trade school and apprenticeship program in Newport News, Virginia. We help ambitious men and women increase their earning potential by building valuable trade skills through classroom instruction and hands-on training. Our current programs include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, appliance repair, and facilities maintenance. Take control of your future, and contact us today for more information.