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Closing The Skills Gap With Trade School

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A developed country often leads to an active economy, which is only possible because of many specialized workers that have different skill sets. For example, an area whose culinary scene is exploding due to local tourism trends must seek out candidates with culinary skills to continue propelling their economy forward. Skill gaps, when left unfilled, stifle economic growth. There is currently a large trade skills gap in the United States, which provides a great opportunity for those seeking a stable and rewarding career.

A Middle-Skills Gap

There are jobs that individuals can obtain, even if they never graduated high school. Similarly, there are careers requiring “middle-skills,” which are very much in demand. Middle-skill careers necessitate a high school education but not a college education.

At Virginia Technical Academy, it doesn’t matter whether or not you went to college. A college degree is not part of our trade school requirements, and it’s not necessary when it comes to empowering you towards a lucrative career. One of the benefits of entering the trade industry when there is a middle-skills gap is that your expertise will be in high demand. You can help close the middle-skills gap while also expanding your earning potential!

More Stability

Many industries are changing very rapidly and dramatically altering the job landscape, likely impacting how people employed in those sectors think about their job and financial future. For example, Amazon might have caused the local bookstore to shut down in your neighborhood, and there’s a chance that Uber has affected the way taxi drivers get paid.

Many millennials opt for a flexible job that makes sense for them. Young professionals may want to freelance and contribute to the gig economy while they travel the world, for example. Similarly, many around the world are interested in working for equity in startups, hoping to cash out significantly after some time.

However, rather than settling for a job that simply pays the bills or living paycheck to paycheck, many people with forward-thinking mindsets are realizing the importance of finding a career with more stability. Whether you’re interested in starting a family soon or need to financially support an ailing parent, you’ll find peace of mind knowing that you possess a highly-valued skill that won’t be displaced by an industry disruption. As long as you meet the trade school requirements, you can start your journey to begin capitalizing on the middle-skills gap.

Unleash Your Potential

Many people never get to do what they love for a living. Virginia Technical Academy believes you can control your financial future if you master the right trade, and we can show you how to do that! Your job can be more rewarding, you can earn more than ever, and you are the only one that can determine your own earning potential.

Trade school might not be for everyone, but one thing is for sure: the middle-skills gap is real. Why not take advantage of it, whether it’s part of a short-term strategy or a long-term plan? We can help you take advantage of the high demand for skilled trades in a way that can end up changing your life for the better.

Make The Right Choice

Take your future into your own hands. Instead of continuing down a path with little job security or accruing exorbitant debt for an academic degree, consider trade school. It can be a great source of income for many years to come. Check out this Virginia Technical Academy highlight video for more information.