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Announcing the First US-Accredited Graduating Class for Facilities Maintenance

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Virginia Technical Academy is delighted to announce the first US-accredited graduating class from our Facilities Maintenance Program. We’re extremely proud of the lady and six gentlemen who are now poised to begin their career in the trades. Each member of the graduating class has a job offer in-hand. Let’s look at how our program helped them obtain these positions and prepared them for life after VTA.

About Our Facilities Maintenance Apprenticeship

The Facilities Maintenance Program combines classroom learning with hands-on, practical application. Students began their training by taking the Core Curriculum Course, an 80-hour prerequisite to the Facilities Maintenance Program. This course taught them about basic safety, material handling, construction math, and other topics critical to their success as a skilled worker. Next, they entered Facilities Maintenance Level 1, where they dove into topics such as drywall finishing, electrical safety, appliance repair, and more. After completing this 13-module, 173.5-hour course, they moved on to Facilities Maintenance Level 2. This final step of the students’ apprenticeship taught them about HVACs, piping practices, and plumbing safety, among other essential skills, over the course of 10 modules and 120 hours. Next up? Graduation!

A Bright Future in the Trade Industry

A short time ago, Constance Griffin, a member of the graduating class, reflected on her time in the Facilities Maintenance Apprenticeship. “I am so happy to be in this program. It is a Godsend. Everyone is so professional and positive, from the office staff to the instructors. I look forward to attending class every day. I know all good things must come to an end; graduation day will be the end of my journey here at VTA. I will miss the regular routine of coming to class because it’s been really great, but I am looking forward to getting a new start in a great profession with great pay.”

We will miss you and your classmates too, Constance! But we are inexplicably proud of you and look forward to seeing you flourish in your new career.

Want to join Constance and her peers as they build fulfilling careers and bright futures? Enrollment for our trade school’s next cohort is opening soon! If you are an aspiring trade worker, fill out our inquiry form to stay informed about registration updates. We’ll be offering apprenticeships for facilities maintenance, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, in addition to our first appliance repair course scheduled for March 2021.

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