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November 2021
Volume 1, Issue 

Job Fair

The Job Fair on Friday, October 22 was attended by 28 businesses and 40 students! Many résumés exchanged hands, offers were made, invitations to visit properties were extended, and more interviews were scheduled. With the many options and offerings for VTA students, there were no immediate job acceptances. Students wanted time to think about their choices. This is a luxury many people do not have: multiple job offers! Read more…

Candidate Glenn Youngkin Visits VTA!

Gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin made a visit to Virginia Technical Academy on October 7. He sat down with a small group of current students and local contractors. Students introduced themselves and talked about their experiences at VTA and how they see their training as a positive path to jobs and careers. Several students see their trade career helping them earn enough money for college degrees later, whether it be in engineering or business administration. Contractors spoke mostly about the lack of funding for students to come to VTA. There are plenty trade jobs, but to find and hire trained people is still difficult. Read more…

In Memoriam

On a sad note, we want to report the passing of our dear friend and colleague at the Department of Labor and Industry, Dr. Thomas Cecere. Dr. Cecere had been instrumental in helping Virginia Technical Academy establish our courses for the Registered Apprenticeship program. He and our president worked together the last five years to put together the courses and requirements for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Building Maintenance. Read more…

Working Training Tax Credit

During both Mr. McAuliffe’s and Mr. Youngkin’s visits to VTA, it was brought up by several contractors during the round table discussions how difficult it is for students to get financial aid to attend Virginia Technical Academy. While the school is an approved postsecondary educational facility by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, it is exempt from providing college credits. This exemption status is what makes federal and state tuition assistance out of reach for students wanting to come to VTA. The only pot of money prospective students can tap into is with the WIOA, which is the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Each state receives WIOA money from the U.S. Department of Labor to fund technical training programs and Registered Apprenticeships. To date VTA has over 50 apprenticeship partners in the local community. VTA provides the classroom instruction, and the partner companies provide on-the-job learning. Read more…

Newport News Department of Human Services Visits VTA

Members of the Newport News Department of Human Services (NNDHS) visited Virginia Technical Academy recently to tour the facility and get better acquainted with program operations and philosophy. The visits included staff from the NNDHS VIEW and Youth Services Programs, Housing Broker Team, and Four Oaks Day Center and Learning Facility. Read more…

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