Lisa Watson

In by poliARC

I began this apprentice program in late May.  Because of the COVID crisis, I started with the online program.  I found that being able to learn at my own pace was extremely helpful during the summer months because I have 3 kids and we were all staying home.  Once the school was able to open, I did come in to get some of my hands-on instruction and practicals done.  I immediately found that in person learning makes a huge difference in my understanding of the lessons.  I was able to ask questions and get clarification on the material in real time.  Although I had already completed levels 1 & 2 through the online instruction, I decided it would benefit me to sit in class & receive actual instruction.  It absolutely has!  Where before I had a somewhat understanding of the material, now having been in the class, I can say with confidence that I get it.  And as I am training to be an electrician, getting and understanding the material is extremely important.