Michael Newberry

In by poliARC

Virginia Technical Academy has taught me a lot over the course of five months.  During level one, two and three, I have learned about circuit breakers, fuses, wiring methods.  How to set up a breaker box and how the currents work.  The school and its staff have been a huge help and I couldn’t thank them enough.  One of the most interesting subjects I learned in class was about motors (AC-DC) capacitors.  Never knew how it all worked.  The first time that I came to this school, I had some knowledge but didn’t know anything else.  Nick helped me understand the material and advanced my knowledge in the trade.  The president, Dave Gillespie, works hard for the school and he always makes sure that his students pass.  Over the course of level one and two, I am more confident in what I have gained.  I would absolutely recommend people to attend Virginia Technical Academy.