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The Best Way to Get Ahead of the Insects and Bugs this Spring

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Spring is here! It is finally time to relax with friends and family in the backyard around the grill. But it is hard to enjoy the change of seasons when you are swatting mosquitoes and squashing numerous other bug species. Depending on where you live, those vampire bug “ticks” begin their spread of Lyme disease. This year get ahead of the insects and bugs with these suggestions from Russell Jenkin’s article “The Importance of Eco-Friendly Pest Control.”

Biopesticides, using organisms to gain biological control over pests, is a natural way to reduce destructive pests and organisms. Beneficial organisms build up the ecosystem’s natural resistance to destructive organisms.

Consider using organic soil stimulants, such as Holganix, to promote healthy plants able to resist pathogens and disease.

One way to prevent pests in your yard and home is to choose pest-resistant plants that work well in your region.

Get rid of all the entrance points for pests by fixing broken windows, sealing small cracks, weatherstripping doors/windows, and more. If you do open your windows for ventilation or a fresh breeze, make sure you have properly installed screens. This keeps flies, cockroaches, and other critters from entering your home in the first place.

Other natural ways to prevent pests include:

  • Putting away all food and using tightly sealed containers.
  • Bringing in pet food and water for the night.
  • Using spring-loaded trash cans.
  • Fixing leaking plumbing, broken gutters, standing water, and other sources of water and moisture.
  • Improving drainage and runoff.
  • Periodically checking for nesting places.
  • Hiring a professional for pest control and management.